iPhone 6 wallet case

Best iPhone 6 Wallet Case

Want to carry less in your pocket? Check out this great option for combining your iPhone case and wallet.

5 Robot-themed Gifts for Geeks

Geeks and robots go together like Apple pie and ice cream. Robots have dominated popular culture for generations. They fill vital roles in popular geeky…

HP Spectre X2

HP Spectre x2 First Look

Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 announcement, HP brings the new Spectre x2 to it’s line up of convertible laptops. The Spectre…

Microsoft Surface Book

Surface Book Raises Stakes in the Laptop Market

The new Surface Book from Microsoft changes the laptop landscape with a detachable 3000×2000 screen and Intel Core Skylake processors. The form factor builds on the Surface Pro and makes it easy for someone who loves their laptop to embrace the advantages of having both a 13.5-inch tablet and a laptop in the same device.