Convert Vinyl to MP3 with Better Ion Turntable Software

Spin it Again

If you’ve got one of those Ion USB Turntables, you’ve probably recorded a few albums using either Audacity or ez Vinyl Converter. While both of these software solutions will work for recording your music collection and converting it to CD or MP3, they are both incredibly frustrating. There’s a more automated way to record albums from your Ion Turntable, but you’ll need to download some additional software to make it work.

The software upgrade recommended for getting more from your Ion Turntable: Download Spin It Again. The software fixes pops and clicks from old records automatically. It records the full side of an album and divides it into individual tracks. Spin It Again also looks up album information, adds your tracks to iTunes, and handles CD burning all from one convenient location. Using Spin It Again you no longer have to sit and mark a new track the way ez Vinyl Converter works, and the number of clicks required to make an album makes conversion a snap.

Download Spin It Again and start getting better MP3 recordings from your old vinyl records and cassettes.

Spin it Again

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