Best iPhone 6 Wallet Case

iPhone 6 wallet case

I gave up a traditional wallet and switched to using an iPhone wallet case when I got my iPhone 5 awhile back. I had a Speck wallet case when I had my iPhone 5. When I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 6s, it was time to get a new wallet case. I assumed I would simply purchase the iPhone 6 version of the Speck case, but I didn’t like the way the iPhone 6 version looked. Speck basically took the case design of the iPhone 5 version and made it bigger.

This sent me on a quest to find a wallet case for the iPhone 6 that I actually liked. My criteria are fairly simple. The wallet case needs to hold four cards. It needs to not have a cover over the screen. The lip of the case needs to clear the screen so that if I drop my phone the screen is less likely to shatter.

After lots of searching, I settled no the Vault Slim Wallet for iPhone 6/6s by Silk. The product description says it holds three cards, but I easily fit three credit cards and my driver’s license without stretching the plastic. These same four cards were crowded in the Speck case. The edge of the Silk case creates a nice bumper to help prevent screen damage if I ever drop my phone. There’s no flap to get in the way of the screen. If you like using screen protectors, the Vault Slim Wallet comes with a screen protector.

At under $15, the case is also easy on your wallet. If you want to carry less in your pockets, consider the Vault Slim Wallet for iPhone 6/6s a no-brainer.

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