READYACTION Turns Your Smartphone into a Wearable

When you think wearable cameras, the first products that come to mind are likely GoPro and Contour devices. What if there was a solution out there that allowed you to mount your smartphone or compact camera the same way you would a GoPro?

Enter READYACTION Sport, a line of products that enable you to attach your device to your chest, head, and even your bicycle handlebars.

I received three of these products to review last week and have been thoroughly impressed by them. The products I received are as follows:

  • READYACTION Sport – Chest Harness
  • READYACTION Sport – Large Handle Bar Attachment
  • READYACTION Sport – Helmet/Head Harness



Let me start by saying that the similarities between the GoPro mounts and the ones used in this line are strong. The mounts even attach to the base using the same pinch-released latch. The quality of the READYACTION Sport products and that of the GoPro accessory line are almost identical.

The big difference is in what you can mount to them. A standard camera mount attaches that makes it easy to mount any compact camera.

You also have a smartphone mount, giving you the ability to place most standard smartphones in the device, securely. I found the phone mount to be remarkably well made, with grippy rubber brackets.

As I put the harness on and attached my iPhone 5S (sans case) the typically slippery phone became remarkably secure. I wasn’t worried about it coming loose or falling off, even as I went about doing chores around the house.

You can also use it with most smartphone cases as the bracket expands easily. This might not be the best fit for your Galaxy Note, but it will most certainly support any 4-5″ device fairly easily.

The fabric used to make up the harness straps is a very pleasant elastic. The head harness straps are lined with ridges that allow it to grip, without making it uncomfortable.

I’m not a small guy, and the chest and head harnesses fit me just fine. This is a rare experience as these devices are typically only built up to a certain, athletic size. You can adjust the straps as needed for a snug fit.


Having been a GoPro user for the past several years, I was half expecting to receive something that was clumsy and flimsy by comparison. To my surprise, this system works every bit as well, even with a heavier compact camera.

The plastic construction and metal mount screws seemed extremely sturdy. I gave them a good jostling during testing and even dropped them on a tile floor a few times without any trouble. The stability plate on the chest harness has a more flexible plastic in the area that contacts your chest, making it more comfortable to wear, but this didn’t seem to make it any more prone to failure.

All of the mount points for the devices were rigged and easy to fasten down. The thumb screws that tighten the adjustable swivel was a good touch, making it extremely easy to loosen, adjust, and lock down. The hinge held firm throughout testing, and only relaxed when I intentionally loosened it.


The Sport line of READYACTION devices are made for athletes and adventurers that want to capture their experiences while keeping their hands free.

Available for between $35 and $45 USD, the price fits in the market. You save on having to invest in a specialty camera, too.

The chest and head harnesses keep the device close to your body and out of your way, and the bicycle handle mount makes it easy to set it and forget it while you tackle the trails.

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