HP EliteDesk Desktop Mini: Big Performance in a Small Package

HP EliteDesk Mini

The modern workspace has evolved. Recognizing this evolution, HP created a new line of desktop systems with a footprint smaller than many office phones. These enterprise-class computers, including the HP EliteDesk 800 and ProDesk 600, are designed to be small without compromising on performance, versatility, or security.

Modern office environments offer little in terms of space, and an emphasis has been placed on finding solutions that improve efficiency without sacrificing performance. Security is also a chief concern to IT departments facing an era where data is everything, and stories of breaches dominate the news.

The HP EliteDesk Desktop Mini looks like a small, underpowered thin client system. Don’t be deceived. At 7 inches x 7 inches x 1.33 inches, it’s capable of driving a fourth-generation Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, up to three monitors, and either two SSDs or one hybrid drive.

Elite Desk Mini rear view

The unit is entirely customer serviceable. The tool-less design allows the user to remove the cover, replace hard drives, and perform RAM upgrades, all without a screwdriver.

Integrated Intel HD graphics are included, which should be plenty of power to drive most standard office applications, including basic video playback. It can be a little limiting if you intend to use it for high-resolution CAD and real-time 3D rendering, especially if you are running a low-end processor with limited system RAM.

In terms of security, the EliteDesk Desktop Mini doesn’t compromise. HP BIOSphere comes included. This boosts security and keeps mission-critical data safe through customizable authentication and BIOS-level passwords protection. This is in addition to HP Credential Manager, HP Drive Encryption, and HP Trust Circles.

HP Secure Erase is also included, which makes it easy to securely wipe the hard drive to be repurposed in other enclosures.

In terms of energy efficiency, this little unit can run on as little as 8 watts during idle. It uses a 65w power supply and runs at 87% efficiency. HP boasts the EliteDesk Desktop Mini as a cost-saving solution throughout the life of the device.

Pricing for the EliteDesk Desktop Mini starts at $459 and is expected to be available as early as April, 2014.

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