How many books are available for the iPad?

“How many books are available for the iPad? I’m trying to decide whether I should buy an iPad, a Kindle, or a Nook?”
While there are many other factors that go into choosing an ebook reader than just how many books are available, I’ll start with that as a metric since that’s the question. There are two primary ways you can easily get books for an iPad. You can download the free iBooks app from the App Store, or you can download the free Kindle app from the App Store. Both have a huge number of books, although the Kindle store currently has more.

Both stores are growing every month, so it’s possible that as you are reading this both the iBooks store and the Kindle store have even more books. The Kindle store has close to 700,000 titles to choose from, while the iBooks store has more like 65,000. I’m sure Apple will catch up eventually, but if you think you might want to use those books somewhere other than on your iPad, the Kindle app is a better way to go because you can also use the books on a Mac, on a PC, on Android phones, on your iPhone, on a Kindle reader, or on your iPod Touch. iBooks is limited to devices made by Apple.

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