What does 3G on the iPad mean?

“What does 3G on the iPad mean? I’m trying to decide which iPad to buy and I want to know whether I should get the iPad with WiFi or the iPad with WiFi + 3G”
The iPad with WiFi + 3G includes support for a 3G data plan from AT&T. If you purchase the 3G iPad and a data plan from AT&T, the iPad will have internet access available even when you aren’t near a WiFi hotspot. A 3G data plan is convenient if you travel frequently away from either your home or office where WiFi is readily available.

When I purchased an iPad, I opted for the WiFi version because I already had a Sprint Overdrive, which is a portable WiFi hotspot that connects to the Sprint cellular network for data service. If you have an Overdrive or if you get one of the MiFi devices from either Sprint or Verizon, you probably won’t need the iPad with 3G.
Another point to keep in mind about the iPad 3G data plan is that it currently costs either $14.99 per month for a 250MB plan or $25 per month for a 2GB plan. The 250MB and 2GB numbers are the amount of data you can use in that month.

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