How to use TextExpander on iPad

TextExpander for iPadTextExpander for Mac OS X is a great time saver for eliminating the need to retype all your frequently used text in email, documents and elsewhere. Now that there’s a TextExpander iPad version, you can save time typing in many of your favorite apps. Before you can use TextExpander with the various Twitter clients, task managers, notepads, and other tools, you need to take a few steps to get started.

In the TextExpander settings, you need to enable Share Snippets by setting it to ON. This allows apps that support TextExpander to work with your snippets of text. For sending Snippets or Notes to your Twitter app, you need to start in TextExpander and then send the note or snippet to the Twitter app you enable in TextExpander. For things like frequently used text in Mail, you need to start in TextExpander, select the note you want to use in your email message and send it to a new message. Some of this isn’t as intuitive as it could be, especially if you’re used to using TextExpander in any app on your Mac.

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