Need To Edit a Comment on Facebook? Now You Can

One of the features Facebook lacked for most of the last decade is the ability to edit a comment. For something so simple, Facebook users who accidentally made in error in commenting on a Facebook status have instead had to go through the painful process of deleting their original comment and re-writing it to avoid posting incorrect (or embarrassing) information.

Several months ago, Facebook introduced the ability for users to edit a comment within seconds of posting it. This was tricky – you had quickly catch your mistake or else the comment became permanent. Now Facebook enabled a feature that allows you to edit a comment any time after posting. To edit a comment you leave in response to a Facebook status on a friend’s profile, on a business page or in a group, simply hover over the top right corner of your comment and you should see a small pencil icon.  Click the pencil and a drop-down menu will appear. You can then choose to edit the comment or delete it entirely.

Edit a Facebook comment

This feature will undoubtedly be welcomed by most Facebook users, as everything from slight grammatical errors to incorrect or embarrassing information can be removed and corrected without removing the comment entirely – and disrupting the flow of the conversation with comments posted after yours.

Keep in mind, your corrections will be stored in a revision history of the comment, so you should still think twice before saying something you might regret.

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