Can you Play Games on the Kindle?

“I’m trying to decide whether to buy a Kindle or something else. I’m curious what else I can do with a Kindle besides read books. For instance, can you play games on the Kindle?”
While Kindle readers are at their best when used for reading ebooks, Amazon does include a few additional features with all versions of the latest generation of Kindle reader hardware. One of the features Amazon added to the Kindle is the ability to play games on the Kindle.

While you won’t be playing any fast action games or Angry Birds on the Kindle anytime soon, you can play games like Scrabble, Mahjong Solitaire, EA Soduku, Hangman, and a number of other turn based games. Keep in mind that the Kindle screen uses eink, so all the components of the games are effectively in black and white. Game play works great on the Kindle, it just may not look as pretty as you are used to in playing games on your computer, iPhone, or on an iPad.

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