How to Promote a Webinar

Webinars are a great way to learn something new. They can cover just about any subject imaginable. A well-produced webinar offers nearly everything a live, in-person seminar could provide – minus the hallway conversation. What do you do if you

Universal access to people, applications, and data

What Does Workplace Mobility Mean?

What does having a mobile workplace mean to you? Is it the ability to respond to emails and instant messaging conversations from your phone? Is it being able to complete routine tasks like expense report submission and approval from any


Can You Tell a Story in Six Seconds?

Six seconds is not a lot of time. When Vine launched, giving users a six second limit on video length, the initial response was cautious. Marketers immediately wrote Vine off as a loser. Professional content creators struggled with a way

omni 10

What’s New in HP Tablets?

The tablet form factor has really started to hit its stride in the business world. What started out as a nifty consumer product has quickly become a productivity powerhouse for the modern professional. This is a trend that HP knows

HP EliteDesk Mini

HP EliteDesk Desktop Mini: Big Performance in a Small Package

The modern workspace has evolved. Recognizing this evolution, HP created a new line of desktop systems with a footprint smaller than many office phones. These enterprise-class computers, including the HP EliteDesk 800 and ProDesk 600, are designed to be small

9 December 2013 HP Storage Announcements

Watch Live HP Storage Announcements on December 9

The HP Storage team is known for making some big announcements during HP Discover. This year’s event will be no exception. I’ll be attending the event in person, but you can hear the announcement at the same time I do

Top 20 Video Ads

Top 20 Most Shared Video Ads

You could convince me that announcing the most popular video ads of 2013 during November might be premature. That argument didn’t stop Unruly from compiling a list of the Top 20 Most Shared Ads of 2013. Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

HP MicroServer Giveaway

November 2013 HP MicroServer Giveaway

A number of weeks ago, I first wrote about the HP ProLiant MicroServer. At that time, I hinted that we’d be giving one away. Weeks later, it feels like the MicroServer is practically an old friend. And the time has

shutter speed

How Does Shutter Speed Affect Video Quality?

One of the most curious things happened when DSLR video started making waves in the world of consumer and professional video. We started paying attention to shutter speed and how it impacts the quality of video. Consumers rarely (if ever)

video background

Choosing the Right Background for Video

What goes on behind the subjects of your video can have every bit as much impact on how your message is received as any other component of the shot. A subject with all the charisma and class in the world


ROI of Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing has long promised an easier and cheaper method of holding face-to-face meetings with clients, coworkers, customers, or just about anyone else you could imagine needing to speak with during day-to-day business. Putting an exact value on an investment

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